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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An introduction

Hello and welcome to my Blog.
This will be my first entry but unfortunately it must be kept short, as I'm lying just a doorless room away from my sleeping parents.
We are currently on a ski'ing vacation in the Czech Republic, and though this blog is primarily intended as a journal for my hitchhiking travels, I felt it to be important to start it a bit early, and I'll tell you why: it is our intention to visit Auschwitz tomorrow, a 'small' five hour drive from our current location.

Auschwitz, for those who do not know, was the Nazi's most well-known and biggest concentration camp during the Second World War.
It is responsible for a large part of the more than six million murders of Jews and other minorities during that time.
To me, it is the clearest symbol of the human's capacity for cruelty and hatred, and though I have always been aware of the Holocaust I feel that a visit to the actual place will help to put things into perspective even more.

I will have to cut this short early but I will write some more tomorrow, if the bad weather does not keep us from driving.

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