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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The plans so far

It's been a while again.
Unfortunately I'm not that great at keeping up with blogs haha. I've had one or two before, and always ran out of interesting stuff to talk about.
I'm not the kind of guy who feels the need to share with the world what I've had for breakfast, so to speak.
Posts will hopefully pick up in speed once I'm finally on the road. Untill then, posts might be a bit slow, but I'll try to make them as interesting and informative as possible.
This particular post will be going into a bit more detail about my plans so far, both for the blog untill I'm out there travelling, as well as the travel plans so far.

So, the more interesting things first: travel plans!
I'm currently still busy trying to obtain a Canadian work-holiday visa, but the first set of documents are underway!
The amount of visas available is limited however, so I hope I'm not too late!
With the work-holiday visa I can travel and work freely within the Canadian borders for the length of a whole year from the moment I first set foot in Canada.
Money isn't a big problem for me on this moment, but it'll surely help if I can land a job or two after a few months have passed!
At the same time, I'm looking into getting a travel visa for the US, which will allow me 90 days of travel time inside the US borders, so I will have to make the most of that time.

I will most likely land somewhere in Qu├ębec or Ontario, and I'll head west-ward from there.
The idea is that I will follow the US-Canadian border at first.
Then, when I'm approximately somewhere above Utah I'll head south into the US, where I plan to look around Utah for an undetermined period of time and visit some national parks while I'm there!
The nature in Utah is something that appeals to me greatly and is something you probably won't find anywhere else! The contrast between the green of the trees and the red of the rock is simply beautiful beyond description.
Some of the national parks that I'm interested in so far are Zion, Bryce, Moab, and Canyonlands but I'm sure there are many more I haven't heard of yet that are just as good-looking as these places!
So, if anybody has any more suggestions, I'd be more than pleased to hear about them!
After that I ofcourse fully intend to see the Grand Canyon. I simply cannot pass up that opportunity!

A look at Zion National Park. It's natural art!

Another picture of Zion.

This is a picture from Bryce, best known for these funky spires!

This place is apparently called False Kiva. Picture taken in Canyonlands National Park.
Looks like it would be a fantastic sleeping place, doesn't it? :)

The Grand Canyon. What else can one say? Look at the grandeur of this place! It's huge!

From there I'd like to head further west and make my way into California, and head back up north from there.
I figure that by the time I reach California I will have used most of the days available to me in the US,
so I'll use the remainder of days heading back to Canada through the Sequoia forests and see how large those trees really are!

Hint: pretty freaking large! :D

Hopefully I'll have plenty of days left so I can hitchhike out of the US, instead of having to rely on other methods of travelling.
I'd love to see as many states as I can before having to get out, and Oregon looks like such a grand place too!
When I get out of the US I plan to take a trip through the Canadian Rockies.

This picture says it all, I'd think. It's magnificent!

And after that? Who knows! We'll see where the wind blows me! :)
This is far as my plans have come, and I don't really care to make them more detailed. I don't know how or when I'll get there, and for me that's part of the charm. I'm really excited to get going, though unfortunately it might still take a while.

Which brings me to the next point: the plans for this blog for the duration I'll still spend at home.
Perhaps it would have been better for me to wait with creating a traveling blog untill I was actually sure of the time of departure, but I felt I simply had to write a post about Auschwitz and I didn't want time delude my memory. (Though I'm not sure how I could ever forget that place...)

So now I have to keep up some interesting blog posts on a more or less regular interval to not let this place die down (too much :P).
The way I figured I would do that is by writing some posts on people that have inspired me to travel, post and discuss quotes that really speak to me, and various other things like that.
By doing so, I hope to give everybody reading this a little bit more insight into the enigma that is me.
I hope I will succeed in making people understand what I'm all about :)

So, this is it for now. I'll see you guys and gals again later, as I write my first post about inspiring people!

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