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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Forest Prince and the Pig Man temporarily available for free!

Today I got a message from Craig Constantine telling me that for a short while his hitchhiking documentary called "The Forest Prince and the Pig Man" is publicly available.
Previously it could only be seen through Vimeo's 'On Demand' service, where it was 'rented' for a price.

The documentary goes into the history of hitchhiking while showing the current day travels of Billy Jack as he attempts a cross-country journey in the U.S. It asks the question: is hitchhiking actually dangerous, or is it not?
It provides a nice insiders view to my own experiences as I hitchhiked across Canada and the U.S and I think that anybody who follows my travels would also be interested in watching this!
So, without further ado here's the movie!

The full documentary:

Note that the movie can actually be downloaded through it's Vimeo page. Be sure to do so if you want to watch it again after it's no longer publicly available!

If you've seen the documentary and find yourself craving more, there is another hitchhiking 'documentary' that I can highly recommend for you to watch as well. In fact, it's called "Only Kindness Matters" and I've actually linked to it before:
And if you want even more after that, there is also "This Time", which takes you through Finland, Norway and various other places!  

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