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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The arrival

Well, I've finally started my journey!
After an 8-hour flight I arrived at the Pearson International Airport in Toronto, fixed up my visa and proceeded outside, stepping into Canada for the first time ever. Quite overwhelming!
I started looking for the shuttle bus toward the hotel I had booked for the night, but save for one other person nobody else was waiting for that particular bus, and it took forever to show up.
I got to talking with the woman who was waiting for the same bus, and a slightly angry call to the hotel later, the bus finally showed up about an hour late. At this point, we had discussed what I was up to, and a proposition was made: she could take me along to her house, as she wasn't actually staying at the hotel.
That way I was out of Toronto right off the bat, which it seems pretty much impossible to hitchhike out of, and about halfway to Niagara Falls. So I took her up on her offer, and I have spent the night at her and her husband's house.

We've spent the entire day driving through town getting me stuff I needed, all on her own initiative, which was really awesome and helpful.
She turned out to own a gunstore with her husband, and one thing leaded toward the next. So in the afternoon, I found myself at the local gunrange in Watersford firing a .22 pistol and a .357 revolver under her guidance!
It was a really great experience, and I did pretty well too actually! Here are some of the pictures she took of me.

After that we went to a coastal town in the vicinity where I met her daughter and we had a bite to eat.
I'm going to spend another night here before moving on tomorrow toward the Niagara Falls, after we visit a winery in the morning. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope my luck will keep up!
I don't expect I will be able to make another post on here before I have left here, so I just want to say I'm really grateful for the awesome hospitality that has been provided to me. It really has been an amazing experience so far.

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  1. Woot! Awesome man! Glad I found your blog, can't wait to read all your adventures. Keep up the good work, keep journaling, have tons of fun man, I love you, looks like your off to a great start!