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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A date and a documentary

So, time for an update as I've finally settled upon my date of departure!
I will be leaving for Canada on the 21st of this month, and I'm set to arrive in Toronto at about 17:00!
There is no way back now, and I'm feeling very excited. But along with excitement some doubts pop up too, doubts which I had when I went to Sweden as well.
Mainly it's the thought of leaving home and stepping into insecurity that make up these doubts, and at the same time they are the things that excite me the most too!  But, when I was on the road in Sweden, I lost those doubts and my mind focussed on the tasks at hand: making it to the next village, finding a new source of water, finding a place to spend the night. My mind was too busy to feel particularly bored or lonely, as the drivers giving me rides made sure I had enough social contact too.
Even so, these doubts spring back up, but I will ignore them all the same. I'm pretty confident in the fact I will have an awesome experience no matter what! :)

There's not much to report other than that though, so in order to make this post a little more enticing I wanted to share with you a documentary which I found on, the best place to find information and talk about your traveling dreams.

From the Vimeo page:
"This Time is a film by Dara Moroney. It features Erin McWilliams. It was shot on the road in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, and Sápmi. Many thanks to all of the people who made this film possible, and to Datadrip for the musical theme."
May I present to you: This Time.

Link to the actual page:

In the next few days I will share with you another such film I've found a while ago, this time about hitchhiking in the U.S!

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