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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Grotto video's: finally!

There is another post coming up soon in which I tell you about my adventures since I last reported in. It's been a while and it's about time I updated you guys on that! But first things first: I bought a laptop recently, and I have finally found the time and opportunity to upload the video's I made at the Grotto!
The post where I described my adventures at the Grotto can be found here!

It took a solid 36 hours of constant uploading from a motel, but I managed it. So far the only thing that makes me miss my PC at home is public computers and internet connections... They are frustratingly bad.
Anyways, on to the video's! You had better enjoy them haha.

The first few video's are from the evening I first found the Grotto.
The first one I will show you is a short overview from the centre beach.

The second video is taken from the cliffs on the right of the beach.

And ofcourse I couldn't resist going for a swim during this beautiful sunset. The water was cold enough to make my feet numb after a few minutes! Nonetheless I dived, backflipped and jumped into the water several times!

The sun was going down quickly though so I didn't get a chance to further explore the cliffs that evening. So, I made up my mind to return the next day and to take the camera along for a swim!

In this first video I dove into the water from one of the big rocks protruding into the water from the beach, and I very nearly lost my camera haha. I had put it on my head with the appropriate band but the shock of hitting the water made it end up hanging around my neck very loosely. Needless to say I got pretty careful after that, especially during my cliff jumps where I held the camera in my hand most of the time.
After that first dive I swam past the beach and headed for the nearest cave in sight which can be seen from the beach and in one of the pictures on the Grotto blogpost.

After that I had to climb up from the that first cave to take a jump off of the cliff!

After these first few explorations I decided to go to the other side of the beach and explore the cliff-side on the right, where I ended up finding a cave without a proper bottom, allowing you to swim inside. I first saw the cave from upon the cliffs, but it was too high a jump and so I made my way back a bit and jumped from there.

Once back down again I checked to see if all my stuff was still present on the beach (more and more tourists were starting to arrive. I had hidden my stuff but still wanted to make sure). After that I walked back into the water and swam over to the cave.
Once inside there was a ledge I could climb up on. That cave seemed to be home to a couple of robinbirds who got very anxious about my presence, so I left soon after!

After having explored that cave I returned to the beach where I got to talking with a man and woman who were very reluctant to go for a swim. After they jumped in once they were content just staying on the beach.
The man however informed me about another cave nearby, which was past the cave visible on the left of the beach and around the corner of the cliff. So ofcourse I had to go find and explore that cave as well! And I'm glad I did because man, it was spectacular. This cave had it's own pool inside, and what's more: the pool had a passage leading underneath the cliffs and ending up at the other side in view of the beach!
I did not risk swimming underneath though, because I can't hold my breath that long and supposedly it was about 10 metres long. I didn't want to get stuck and drown, so I contented myself with climbing around in the cave and jumping into the pool instead!

The entrance of this cave also had an alternative route that led up along the cliff, allowing you a shortcut as long as you were willing to climb up through an unofficial and pretty cramped passage. I've done some spelunking a few years ago and even guided some people while doing that, so this did not bother me in the slightest and I made my way up through the hole.

That's pretty much all of the video's I shot (I've got one more I think but it doesn't show anything particularly interesting that isn't to be seen in the video's above). I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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