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Saturday, June 2, 2012

To continue...

So I've found another libary again, so time to fill you guys in on what happened after my latest blogpost.
I managed to sort of fix my creditcard, in the sense that I now have a working PIN code, but still a creditcard that somehow does not allow me to enter the PIN code and it simply blocks when I try to use it.
Fun times. Still unsure of how to fix this, and the helpdesk is completely clueless as well.
Thankfully I am able to get some money every now and then from some locations, so I'm not starving yet.

In all, I spent about 4 nights at Windmill Point Park, which was really nice. I made some new friends there.
On my last night I got invited to sit at a campfire, which I did, and had a lot of fun, and as such was invited to breakfast in the morning as well.
I met a fellow traveler from Florida who was riding his bike across the US and Canada, which was really cool as well!

After breakfast my new friend drove me out to Long Beach, from where I started walking because it was still early in the day. I walked quite a while untill I got a short ride from a man and a woman driving a business van, delivering flowers I think. I'm not sure, because that's how short the ride was! But it was still appreciated, ofcourse.
After that I walked for a bit longer, and after an hour or so I got picked up by a woman somewhere in her thirties or forties. She surprised herself so much by stopping for me, that she scrambled to find something to defend herself with. So when I reached the door of the cabin of her car, she was sitting there with a pen in her hand, for the lack of anything better! She was nice though and we had a nice conversation, and after a little while she put the pen away. She drove me up to Dunnville, where I sat around for a little while before booking a motel for the night.
I was pretty sunburned though, so the day after I decided to stay for a second night to stay out of the sun for a little while longer. I walked to town quickly and bought a nifty new hat!

After my second night at the motel I decided I would walk to my next destination, Cayuga.
It looked doable, as it was about 22 km, and so I set out at around 11:30. All I can say is, my god, cheers to Alan Booth for walking across the entire length of Japan haha.
I was pretty tired by the time I entered Cayuga and didn't care enough to find a place to cook a meal, so I bought some fries at a stand. After that I started looking for some Wi-Fi, and ended up sitting at a parking lot.
No sooner than I sat down, I was approached by an elderly couple in a big car. They were picking up their granddaughter, and decided to inquire what I was up to as they had seen me walking down Road 17 earlier in the day. After a bit of talking they invited me into their car, so they could drive me to a motel toward Jarvis.
I booked a night at the first motel we came across. When I got my backpack out of the back of their car, the woman reached out to me and gave me a couple of energy bars and a bottle of water.
What Salman (from Digihitch) said is true: the road will provide. I didnt know where to find a place to sleep before they came along.
I ended up staying a second night here as well, due to the rainclouds that had moved in on me the next day. It rained all day, and with a shitty internet connection I got bored to tears. So today I moved out again, despite still being very cloudy, and walked all the way to Jarvis. I had a hard time getting rides here.

One funny story though: along the way I encountered a blond dog who kept following me. I was about a kilometer or two away from it's home and it was still tailing me! So I ended up walking that distance back again to bring the dog home. It nearly got hit by a car along the way too!
When I brought it back nobody seemed to be home so I wrote the owners a note and left it in their mailbox.

That's enough for today, as I have only two minutes left on this computer before the library closes.
I will post some pictures later on! Bye for now!

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